1  class + 4 genres + LOTS OF SWEAT + tons of partying + full body workout = vibe with candice




Latin inspired movement with hot Latin beats. Upper body is the main focus with this genre.



Wind with me! Intense movement combined with fast tempos equals tons of sweat! Lower body is the main focus with this genre.



Party with me and jam to hip hop songs from the likes of Jay Z, Swizz Beats, T.I., and more



Jam to old school and the latest pop artists such as Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Meghan Trainor, Ariana Grande, Dawin, and more.


Empowerment! Empowerment! Empowerment! I cannot say that word enough! Vibe is not about weight goals and looking a certain way! No need to be shy at Vibe! We are here to have fun!! I also believe that it is not WHAT you do, its HOW you do it. Basic movement comes in many forms. Anyone can two-step, but how you two-step is the key. I want you to develop your own style and be comfortable doing it. That's where the confidence comes in and that's what I am all about. Building confidence.

I challenge you to challenge yourself. I am not referring to weight goals. Your mindset and your spirit is what leads to healthy lifestyle. I challenge you to relieve the stresses of the day and free your mind and spirit by coming to party with me consistently. I guarantee you will experience a change. Think positive, Live positive and everything will fall into place.



I do have to give a disclaimer. My class is very intense!  You are guaranteed to sweat. If you are not dripping in sweat when leaving my class, something is terribly wrong! I ask that you go at your own pace, and please get water whenever you need to.