Tips for a safe workout



In my class, you are going to sweat, sweat, sweat!! Here are some good choices for clothing material:

- Cotton: Great for soaking up sweat and easy on the wallet. Be careful with cotton tights because when working out, sweat can show through the tights!

- Synthetic fibers: Better than cotton because not only does it soak up sweat but keeps the skin dry too! Can be easy on the wallet as well depending on where you go. Kate Hudson has some super cute tights and shirts that are not expensive!

- No sweats! Sweat pants can not only make your legs feel like they are in an oven, but also can slow you down! Sweats are generally make of polyester and not made for dance fitness. Stay away from joggers as well!



We do a bunch of sliding, jumping, and shuffling and you will need the proper shoe to support these movements. Here are my recommendations for proper footwear:

- No Running shoes! Running shoes have a thick sole at the bottom and is not for moving side to side. They are for running forward! Wearing these can easily cause an ankle sprain. 

- Make sure you have good cushioning under the heel and the ball of your foot. 

- Nike's training shoes are my go to. They are light and comfortable and are very flexible!

- Socks are very important! Wearing the proper fiber will help with absorbing sweat and preventing blisters! Look for socks with synthetic fibers (acrylic or polyester) I like the footies. They are cheap and you hardly notice you have them on .



My class is very intense and monitoring intensity is very important for safety reasons. There are a couple of ways to monitor intensity. You can either do it yourself with a heart rate monitor or follow my guidelines below:

Throughout the class, I will periodically ask "How are you feeling?" "Are we good?" These actions should be taken depending upon your response:

- If you can shout "YES!" or "I feel great!" Your intensity is fine and you can keep going at the same or a higher intensity.

-If you can barely say "yes" and cannot say a simple sentence, Your intensity is a little too high and you need to slow it down. You also need to slow down if you are sweating profusely and your mouth is dry. Grab a drink of water and ease back into the workout slowly.

-If you cannot say anything at all and your face feels hot or you are feeling dizzy, you need to stop immediately and have a seat. Also, please notify me.



Please do NOT drink a full bottle of water during class. This will not only slow you down, but can also cause cramps. Here are some recommendations for fluid intake while exercising:

2 hours before you workout - 17 - 20 oz

Every 10 - 30 min during class drink based on how much sweat you lose. This can vary because everyone is different but this should NOT be more than 10 oz of water.

After exercise, drink at least 16 oz for every pound lost.



Based on experience, I recommend not eating anything 2 hours prior to class. I also recommend not coming to class starving either. If you have to, eat a small wheat peanut butter and jelly sandwich or something similar 1 hour at the most before class. Eating too soon before class can slow you down and also make you feel sick.