• Any dance or fitness class with Candice is always a party. Her classes have you sweating and wanting more. Her music selection varies and it's always HAWT! Guaranteed an amazing workout experience.
    — Sommer Foreman, Atlanta GA
  • Candice your class is AMAZING its a high impact workout. . Your energy is what we need.. you bring us to the club !!!! And I love that from hip hop to old school latin and Caribbean.
    — Kimberly Clayton, Charlotte NC
  • My experience with Candice was awesome. High energy and very painful in a good way. I loved her class and wish she was here in Atlanta.
    — Shannon Farrar, Atlanta GA
  • I love Candice's energy! Her classes are always packed full of fresh new choreo and we dance to the hottest beats. She brings a fresh energetic positive vibe with her to class and it is contagious! When I work out with Candice regularly my endurance is noticeably increased. I have so much fun dancing to Dancehall and Old school jams that I completely throw myself into it. Candice will inspire you to put your all into your workout and you will see results
    — Desiree Eatmon, Charlotte NC
  • Candice is filled with energy from start to finish and will get you moving while keeping you motivated!! She has a great playlist and will have you dancing to music from all genres but the Caribbean grooves are my personal favorite. You will definitely get a good work out and love every minute of it! That's why I affectionately call her the "Energy Goddess"!!
    — Yolanda Gross, Charlotte NC
  • I must admit, at first I was intimidated by Candice's class. However, in no time I was doing and keeping up with her routines from Janet Jackson to KC and the Sunshine Band. If you want a high impact, sweat dripping workout, you have to VIBE with Candice. Come as you are and she will do the rest!
    — Sonya Belin, Charlotte NC
  • I enjoy Candice’s classes because she is full of energy! She keeps me motivated throughout the entire workout. She teaches with a her smile on her face, so before you know it the hour has passed and you are dripping with sweat! If you are looking for a fun way to get fit check out Vibe with Candice!
    — Renata Miller, Myrtle Beach SC